Cardiology Exchange Program – Bratislava 14/16 September 2018

From 14 to 16 September 2018 a delegation of 40 cardiologist specialists from different Italian regions carried out a study trip to Bratislava, which included a visit on the 15th of September to the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of Bratislava preceded by a roundtable with Slovak colleagues for a discussion on common daily problems in the therapeutic approach and on the EEC guidelines in cardiology .

Nusch is one of the best centers for cardiovascular medicine in Slovakia. The staff is highly skilled and enjoys excellent national and international reputation. The Institute participates actively and continually in projects and activities aimed at the use of new therapeutical strategies.

The centre, built in 1997, currently expanding with the annexation of new pavilions, is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and sanitary equipment in a pleasant environment both for patients and operators.

Elements of distinction of the Institute are the three departments and sanitary sections that host patients from the national and European territory, without neglating the post-graduate training at its 3 departments and the one seconded at the faculty of the University of Slovak Medicine.

The round table was coordinated by Prof. Arrigo Cicero of the University of Bologna and Prof. Daniel Pella of the University of Kosice, and was preceded by a speech by Dr. Giuseppe Marazzi of Rome on Patient not at LDL target.

To complete the training program the previous day, in the meeting room of the Hotel Devin, Prof. Arrigo Cicero and Prof. Livia Pisciotta of the University of Genoa have spoken, respectively, on Nutraceutics and dyslipidemia and on cholesterol and comorbidities, while on Saturday morning Dr. Rosario Gagliardi, professor of socio-sanitary management at the Sapienza University in Rome, dealt with risk management in Cardiology.