destination management

Napoli and Campania are our land. We have a deep knowledge of the region and a constant awareness of its ongoing changes and transformations, its cultural resources, landscapes and monuments. We are thus able to unveil its hidden secrets and treasures.

We can assist you in your choice of accommodation ranging from bed and breakfast to luxury five-star hotels, from the charming family hotel to the mega hotel devoted to conferences and large events. We can accompany you on the discovery of the genuine flavours of our “pizzerie” and “trattorie”, as well as gourmet restaurants and innumerable cafés and confectionery stores.

We will propose exclusive visits and amazing sightseeing trips off the beaten track. We will pick out the most interesting shows and events, show you the “right” places to shop and the opportunities not to be missed.

Our people will welcome our guests and lead them by the hand from the moment they arrive to the time we bid farewell. All this will be done with the utmost care and attention to detail combined with typical Neapolitan flair, kindness, imagination and creativity.