V Molecular Cytopathology


V Molecular  Cytopathology
Focus on Next Generation Sequencing in Cytopathology

Napoli, Tuesday 18 Ottobre 2016

Meeting Director – Giancarlo Troncone
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – Dipartimento di Sanità Pubblica
Centro Congressi Federico II – Via Partenope 36 – 80121 Napoli

Cytology is undergoing a change. The focus of this one-day meeting is on the need of cytologists to embrace such change and to integrate molecular cytopathology into practice.

This congress aims to update the field of molecular predictive pathology focusing on diagnostic tests performed on histology, cytopathology and on blood samples. While until recently, pathological samples were only tested by sequential single-gene hotspot mutational tests, today, with the better understanding of the molecular events involved in malignancy and the mechanisms of pharmacotherapy, larger gene panels are more informative than a single biomarker detection. A rapidly evolving field is also represented by the liquid biopsy and its application to guide treatment selection and follow-up of oncological patients. In addition predictive tests in the field of immunotherapy need also to be discussed in order to standardize assays and biomarkers.
This congress addresses:
1. the most relevant methodological and technical aspects of NGS analysis workflow and the diverse platforms available;
2. the issues related to liquid biopsy daily practice implementation, namely, the pre-analytical sample requirement and the validation procedures;
3. the opportunities that novel predictive biomarkers offers, to extend the analysis to a larger number of oncological patients.
Pathologists’ involvement and coordination in this rapidly evolving field is crucial for the effective implementation of predictive pathology in the present and future clinical practice.

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