A corporate event can only start from the goal, or goals, that the Company aims to achieve through a communication action directed, as appropriate, to internal staff, business partners or customers. 

Depending on the specific target group, the meeting will be arranged in a different way, choosing the type of event and the format most suitable to convey the message: incentive travel or convention for the company, incentive travel or product launch for the trade, product launch for the consumer market.

Strategies will also have to be tailor-made, taking into account the different interlocutor. So, team building activities to strengthen team spirit and motivate the team, actions aimed at retaining and reassuring partners, initiatives to intrigue and surprise customers.

The common matrix for all the different types of corporate events is certainly the sense of uniqueness and exceptionality of the event, which must be perceived by the participants.


  • Board Meeting
  • Convention
  • Incentive Tour
  • Lancio di prodotto
  • Team Building
  • Training & Coaching
  • Formazione esperienziale
  • Road Show