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Concerto srl Napoli


Reliability and responsibility are the principles on which we base our business as conference organisers. To the two principles mentioned, we add precision, creativity, an eye for detail, attention to environmental sustainability and skills acquired and developed during a significant professional experience.

Naturally, each type of conference must be viewed with a different approach depending on its specificity, but whether it is a scientific congress or a business Meetings, for us it is essential to be able to balance the two distinct components that constitute the very essence of the event, the training section and the moments of interaction between the delegates.

To achieve our goal, we optimise logistics, paying great attention to the correct planning of time and space, as well as using innovative and interactive formats with the use of technologies that make communication in the room extremely intelligible.

Equally important are the times to socialise, during which colleagues can get to know each other better and exchange ideas and opinions on the work.   As such, an exclusive concert, a visit behind closed doors, a gala dinner in a historic residence… it all becomes an important moment to relieve fatigue, ease tensions and leave a pleasant memory of the event.

Professional congress organizer
  • Design and Consulting

  • Planning

  • Financial Plan

  • Location search

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Social Media Management

  • Services to delegates

  • Contact and Management Faculty

  • Networking programmes

  • Scientific programme management

  • ECM accreditation

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