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The word “concert” evokes the group situation, the moment of the Meetings, the cohesion between intentions…this is the spirit with which we wish to support you in the planning and completion of your events”.

This claim perfectly summarises our propensity to share and collaborate in order to achieve winning synergies and transform a simple training or aggregation moment into a successful event.

We are a young and dynamic company, with an experienced, motivated team and management , who has long years of experience in the design and organisation of national and international Meetingss, as well as association and company events.

With the support of a high-profile multidisciplinary scientific board, we are involved in providing training events in the healthcare field, as a provider with standard accreditation no. 700 for the purposes of the Ministry of Health’s Continuing Medical Education

We pay great attention to the Customer’s goals and budget and we work to convert the traditional customer/supplier relationship into a partnership, so as to manage the project through continual support and with maximum transparency.

Over the years, we have developed and consolidated continuous collaboration relationships with hotels, conference centres, transport companies, catering and fittings firms, audio-visual services, interpreters and conference assistants so as to be competitive and meet any requirement, even for events of large numbers.

Whether it be an associative congress, a scientific seminar, a training programme, a convention or an incentive trip, we always propose personalised and innovative formats, with the support of state-of-the-art tools and technologies, to optimise the communication flow and encourage interaction between participants.

We are founding members of Meet In Action Italy, the first Italian network of companies in the Meetings Industry sector, created by 10 professionals with across-the-board experience and expertise in the field, as well as 8 offices throughout the Country.

Concerto is also associated at Federcongressi & events and its management is a member of Meetings Professional International.


Reliability and responsibility are the principles on which we base our business as conference organisers. To the two principles mentioned, we add precision, creativity, an eye for detail, attention to environmental sustainability and skills
acquired and developed during a significant professional experience.


ECM provider for residential training, field training and distance learning, with standard accreditation for the entire national territory, registered with no. 700 at the National Agency for Health Services.


A corporate event can only start from the goal, or goals, that the Company aims to achieve through a communication action directed, as appropriate, to internal staff, business partners or customers.


Naples and Campania are our lands, which we love and know so well. Thanks to the continual attention to the innovations and transformations of the land, as well as its cultural, landscape and monumental resources, we will be able to reveal those “secrets” that can rarely be grasped during a short stay.

The 3Cs in concert:





Thank you for contacting us

Sergio Moscati


CEO & Partner

Gaia Prezioso


Event Manager & Partner

Talia Cuomo


Event Planner

Francesca Manzi


Event Coordinator

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