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Concerto srl Napoli


Naples and Campania are our lands, which we love and know so well.

Thanks to the continual attention to the innovations and transformations of the land, as well as its cultural, landscape and monumental resources, we will be able to reveal those “secrets” that can rarely be grasped during a short stay.

Themed itineraries and exclusive visits can end with a lunch or dinner at the home of artists, musicians, architects and chefs, who open their homes to guests to let them experience the atmosphere of a house in Naples and enjoy some cuisine from
our land.

Our guides and assistants will take care of the guests, “pampering” them from the moment of arrival to the moment goodbyes are said. All this with punctuality and attention to detail integrated with Neapolitan imagination, creativity and availability.

Destination management company
  • Themed Itineraries

  • Incentive Tour

  • Exclusive visits

  • Dine@me

  • Cooking class

  • Team Building

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